Hello, we're infinit studios.

We're Infinit Studios.

We help brands tell better stories.

Consider us your secret weapon.

We're here to make you look good.

We make it easy.

Consider us your secret weapon.

We're here to make you look good.

We make it easy.

Consider us your secret weapon.

We're here to help you look good.

Thoughtful Stories

We love to travel the world and tell heartfelt stories about amazing people. 

Graphic Explainers

Our animators create beautiful ways for you to show off your products and services.

Imaginative Concepts

We like to innovate. Whether it’s a corporate video or a music video.

Limitations are for the birds.

You dream it, we make it.

We bring ideas to reality.

We bring ideas to reality.

You dream it, we make it.

TV Commercials

TV Spots with trackable A/B-tested versions for optimized market fit.

Hyperlapse Magic

We like playing with time and perspective. Every pixel and frame matters. 

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Teddy on a poetic film about healing generational trauma. 

A proven track record.

Over and over again.

Millions of views.

A proven track record.

Over and over again.

Millions of views.

A proven track record.

Over and over again.

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Shot at Burning Man, this Dr Seuss book is a story of life’s ups and downs. 


An original story about life, told at a music festival and shot in “one take.”

Where's Waldo VR 360

It’s a game and a film in one. Can you find Waldo as he tries to find himself?

We work with the best tech
to get the job done.

To help connect on every aspect of a project.

How else would we get the files over to you?

From Video Editing to Color Correction to Motion Graphics

Want to revise a video edit? Leave us some notes.

An easy way to transcribe audio to speed up the editing process.

Fully customizable website builder, that we built this site on as well.

Where else would we get our licensed music from?

All those explosions and special effects had to come from somewhere.

Featured Clients

We have been making videos for Salesforce since 2012. When their local media teams are too busy, Salesforce turns to us for cost effective, quick-turnaround content. We work for a variety of their different departments on a per-project basis. 

Featured Videos

Futureforce Global

Global recruitment video showing Salesforce new employee culture. 

Equality for All

We directed global teams of videographers to tell the story of pride across the world.


Employee Stock Purchase Program, told with the metaphor of rocket ships. 

Dreamjob (poetic film)

An original film created to tell the story of the San Francisco Salesforce Culture

Dreamjob Confessions

A “day in the live video” showing the journey of a Salesforce employee. 

Power of Representation

Showing how Salesforce empowers a diverse and equal-opportunity workforce. 

Eamon's Intern Story

See how Eamon has grown fast to become a mentor of others. 

Dreamjob Navigator

Cartoon animation to show the various career choices at Salesforce

Humaine Technology

Explore the ways that Salesforce is building technology for well-being.

When Glint was a startup with 25 employees we made their first video content, 4 years later they get acquired by LinkedIn for $400+ million. We are very proud to have grown with them and contributed to their success on a global level. 

Featured Videos

Varian Medical

See why working at Varian is a life-saving career, all across the globe, as we meet their incredible people in China and California. 

Spectrum Health

Discover what makes working at Spectrum Health such a special and loving community to be a part of. 


See what makes working at Ancestry a great heritage to be a part of as we dive into their culture, processes and people success. 

Glint Product Overview

Showing the functionality and detail of the worlds #1 employee engagement software. 

2018 Monterey Summit

The aquarium Summit in Monterey, Californiaa

Evernote Testimonial

See what makes Evernote a an organization that you’ll never want to quit. 

Leadership Photography

We traveled around the states to see how top CEO’s and HR leaders create people-centered organizations. 

5th Kind is one of Hollywood’s top virtual Post production studios, with clients such as Marvel Studios and Universal using their product to manage digital asset workflow. We help them make their current and future products look great. 



UI/UX Redesign

Before and after redesign of 5th Kind’s Core Product. 

When Aptible had a major website rebrand, they needed content immediately, so we supplied them with the videos, photos and social media stories that reflect not only what they do, but why it’s such an amazing team to be a part of.

Play Video

Explore what makes Aptible an amazing team to be a part of.

More of our Clients


Some of our Passion Projects


An original feature film about racism, poverty, respect, loyalty and forgiveness. This is based on a true stroy of when Nick Kane was kidnapped in his own car in the dark streets of Millwaukee and forced to sell fruit juice at knife point to earn his loyalty, friendship and an unexpected new outlook on life.


We built OkTrauma.com and everything you see in it because we have a passion for healing the world. At Infinit Studios, we aim to improve lives by helping people heal and accept trauma, while publicly normalizing the conversation around it.

The Do Lab are top producers of some of the most transformational festivals and events in the US. The spaces that they design makes for a beautifully creative partnership, as we work with Do Lab to make media that celebrates the unique experiences that make them a pioneer in the counter-culture revolution.

Mitchell Evan is a menswear line that requires a lot of lifestyle content deployed across many social verticals. In addition to lifestyle ad creation, Infinit handles product photography and cultural video shoots.

Get in Touch

Shoot us an email about your project goals and timeline and we would be happy to set up a call to create a solution for you. 


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