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Client Spotlight

Some brands that we make content for.


We are proud to service Salesforce with 7+ years of animated and live action videos for their internal and external marketing teams. Our videos focus on helping Salesforce recruit and manage new employees in their rapidly growing workforce. With over 30,000 employees, we help their global impact with no limitations on what cities we shoot for their story. 

Glint / Linked In

For the past 5 years we have been making cultural videos for Linked In and their product, Glint. We feel that this is some of our best work, as we have helped them tell the story of their relationship with many major brands around the world, ranging from healthcare to education to technology. If you have a large company Glint can help your people be more sucessful at work. 

Mitchell Evan

Every time Mitchell Evan Menswear launches a new collection of clothing or social media campaign, Infinit is there to supply all of the media content for them to distribute across across social channels. This includes photoshoots, original branded films and behind the scenes lifestyle images.


Novadontics needed help creating a national commercial campaign, so we made them custom commercials, each with a different call to action phone number, so that we could AB-test the campaign. The result was a measurable 400% increase in sales. 


Pantheon provides best-in-class WordPress and Drupal sites with agile workflows, scalable infrastructure, and a lightning-fast content delivery network. Sounds pretty complicated, which is why they need videos to explain their technology. Most of these videos are animated, as we combine demos of their technology with big picture animations to get their point across.

Go Find Momo

We helped Instagram star Andrew Knapp get the word out about is new book, which features Andrew and his dog Momo playing hide-and-seek campaign across the United States. This film drove awareness to his quarter million Instagram followers.

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