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Client Spotlight

Some brands that we make content for.
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We are proud to service Salesforce with animated and live action videos for their internal and external marketing teams. Our videos focus on helping Salesforce recruit and manage new employees in their rapidly growing workforce.

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With our #hashtag campaign videos reaching hundreds of thousands of impressions, it has positioned Pantheon as thought-leaders of their industry. With our video above there fold on their homepage, it easily explains what Pantheon provides for prospective customers.

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Mitchell Evan Men

Every time Mitchell Evan launches a new collection of clothing or social media campaign, Infinit is there to supply all of the media content for them to distribute across across social channels. This includes photoshoots, original branded films and behind the scenes lifestyle images.

#lifestyle #culture

Go Find Momo

We helped Instagram star Andrew Knapp get the word out about is new book, which features Andrew and his dog Momo playing hide-and-seek campaign across the United States. This film drove awareness to his quarter million Instagram followers.

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Do Lab

Infinit takes pride in its unique ability to support The Do Lab with creative films that drive customers to their events through inspirational storytelling that celebrates the transformational experiences and culture that they so beautifully create.

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Lucidity wanted an event video different than the typical festival after movie, so they hired Infinit to write an original narrative poem that aligned perfectly with the ethos of both the festival and the people that it aims to inspire and educate.

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