When Glint was a startup with 25 employees we made their first video content, 4 years later they get acquired by LinkedIn for $400+ million. We are very proud to have grown with them and experienced their success on a global level. 

A product of:

Customer Success Videos

Varian Medical

See why working at Varian is a life-saving career, all across the globe, as we meet their incredible people in China and California. 


See what makes working at Ancestry a great heritage to be a part of as we dive into their culture, processes and people success. 

Spectrum Health

Discover what makes working at Spectrum Health such a special and loving community to be a part of. 


See what drives the people and processes behind Boston’s top cyber security business.

Product Videos

Glint Product Overview

Showing the functionality and detail of the worlds #1 employee engagement software. 

Glint Driver Scores

One of our 4 deeper dive videos into the custom functionality of the platform. 

Summit Videos

2017 Sonoma Summit

Glints first ever Summit in Sonoma, CA

2018 Monterey Summit

The aquarium Summit in Monterey, Californiaa

2019 Hampshire Summit

European HR leaders assemble in the a historic UK estate.

2019 Berkely Summit

Learn best HR practices in the Four Seasons Berkeley. 

Testimonials Videos

Evernote Testimonial

See what makes Evernote a an organization that you’ll never want to quit. 

LinkedIn Testimonial

Learn why LinkedIn loved Glint so much that they had to acquire them!

Glassdoor Testimonial

Go behind the curtain to discover employee success for a top job transparency company. 

Leadership Photography

We traveled around the states to see how top CEO’s and HR leaders create people-centered organizations. 

Team Photography

These LinkedIn employees have to look as good as they feel at their jobs. 

Website Stock Photography

We went on an incredible tour of top offices to supply Glint with original stock photos for their website. 


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