5th Kind is one of Hollywood’s top virtual Post production studios, with clients such as Marvel Studios and Universal using their product to manage digital asset workflow. We help them make their current and future products look great. 

UI/UX Redesign

Before and after redesign of 5th Kind’s Core Product. 

Redesign of their Core share panel. 



Brand Bible

5th Kind grew so fast, they never really had a chance to make a proper brand bible. So we made it for them. 

Product Suite Logo Design

Old Logo

New Logos

Print Advertising

Social Media

We traveled around the states to see how top CEO’s and HR leaders create people-centered organizations. 

Product Video Design

We made this video to announce 5th Kind’s newest project, Wiply. 

Product Logo Design

We went on an incredible tour of top offices to supply Glint with original stock photos for their website.