SalesForce Dreamjob

The Project
The Production

Salesforce came to us to create something as magically inspiring as our “Oh the Places You’ll Go” video so Teddy spent two days talking to people in the Salesforce offices, learning everything possible about the company culture. He then wrote an original, rhyming narrative script with an fun and authentic tone to show prospective employees what it’s like to work at Salesforce.

Incredibly, we shot 52 different scenes in just two days all over the Salesforce offices and streets of San Francisco. In order to pull this off we created an ultra-mobile team with two dedicated LED light positioners, an audio guy and Teddy as director and cinematographer.

This film was loosely improvised, using real employees to tell the story.

This film ended up becoming Salesforce’s 5th most popular video of the year, behind videos that had half a million dollar budgets.


  • Clever, smart and on brand. Keep it funky!

    Funky Fresh Media
  • Very well done!! Brilliant concept and slick production. Loved it!

    Freddie Fiction
  • Great idea to put the video on YT rather than on the salesforce site. Shows you are willing to crowdsource. You got me to watch it from beginning to end. Hey, I might even go look at the available dream jobs. So, well done!

    Brenny Ganesan

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