Client Spotlight


Salesforce partnered with us to address the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent in their rapidly growing workforce. The result is a series of animated and live action videos that showcase Salesforce’s technology and guide new employees in their career path of their dreams.

We are proud to create content for Salesforce, as it is our priority to help companies, big and small, resonate deeply with their audiences.


Live Action:


Futureforce Global – Fall 2019

Salesforce is growing fast, so they needed another video to represent their recruiting program across the world. We shot this one in Amsterdam, Singapore and Sydney.

Responsible and Humane Technology

AI is coming and being one of the largest tech enterprises in the world, Salesforce needs to stay responsible. We made this video to show what Salesforce is saying and doing in order to ensure safety in the information revolution at hand. 

Equality for All – Global Pride

Salesforce tasked us to create an Equality video using footage directed and collected from the Pride parades in Munich, Japan, Toronto, London, New York, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. The result was this, a video about #EqualityforAll, which was tweeted out by the Salesforce founder and CEO, Marc Benioff. 

Futureforce Global

This video was created to show college grads what its like to participate in Salesforce’s Futureforce (internship & co-op) program. Our aim was to highlight the global presence and the offices around the world, while making a fast-paced video that targets Gen-Z and Millenials. 

Civil Rights 2.0 – The Voices of Ratial Equality

Salesforcebelieves that businesses can be a powerful platform for social change. Equality is a core value at Salesforce and they strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities they serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Our First Year At Salesforce (As Told By the Futureforce New Grads)
Futureforce Summer Lookback
Sales Spotlight: Meet Lena, Strategic Account Executive
Sales Spotlight: Meet Joel, Regional Manager
Sales Spotlight: Meet Fatima, Senior Account Executive
Sales Spotlight: Meet Patrick, Area Vice President
Dreamjob Confessions

The video is a great example of the human storytelling that we proudly deliver to our enterprise clients. Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff presented this video to tens of thousands of attendees at the Dreamforce conference, which received praise for its simple yet joyfully fun message.

Future Force

Sometimes the best way to deliver a message is to talk straight to camera. It’s always nice when you can tell multiple stories in one shot like we did here with the San Francisco pier backdrop for these employee statements.

Diversity Testimonials

Simplicity sells here as we used the Hawaiian theme that is so deeply engraved in Salesforce’s culture as the backdrop of these hero stories.



This is perhaps our most unique video that we have ever made for Salesforce as we spent two days interviewing employees about what makes their job awesome, and then wrote an original poem spoken to an original score. This video is a great example of our expertise in shooting on the fly, as we shot 54 scenes in two days with minimal tech scouting. As a result this unique video remains one of Salesforce’s top Dreamjob onboarding videos.


Pride Parade

Culture matters, especially for an enterprise such as Salesforce. This video is a great example of the team camaraderie that Salesforce takes pride in.

Animation Hybrid

Technology Operations

This unique video blends live action with animation as the camera jumps in and out of a variety of devices. For this we cast actual Salesforce engineers as the “actors” to send an authentic message that didn’t feel too overproduced.

Animated Vieos:

2D Flat Vector

Dreamjob Navigator

Our aim with the direction of this video was to get people pumped about the variety of heroic Salesforce career paths. With a confident voice over and adventurous soundtrack, this video blended unique character animation to deliver an entertaining message from a script that we put our action-minded hearts into.

Stock Education Voice Over

Let’s face it, stocks can be boring, so we had one of our top animators blend unique illustrations and lighting to deliver an informative story that engages audiences with a rather challengingly dry topic.


We really enjoyed creating the illustration assets for this video, as we “cartoonified” computers to discuss internet and intranet safety at Salesforce.

V2MOM Explainer Video

It was super fun to design a cartoon of CEO Mark Benioff for this one, as he explains the value of the internal practice that drives the company’s success.

Travel and Expense

This is a nice example of a screenflow/animation hybrid as we integrate a high level story into the actual web app that employees use on a day to day basis.

Dreamjob Central

This screenflow/animation hybrid integrates a high level story into the web app that employees use on a day to day basis.