Do LaB – The Faces of Lightning in a Bottle

“Hi there, May I take a five second video of your face?” Inspired by the glowing people of the Lighting in a Bottle festival, we collaborated with The Do Lab to show just how nifty the attendees of this festival are. The song is by Rachel Platten, who was unknown at the time that we […]

Do LaB – When I Grow Up

An original film about growing up, living your dreams and always remaining a child. This film begins with a two year old speaking scripted dialogue and ends with a 70 year old, as each person gets older with age. Shot on location at the Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival this film/poem was written […]

Do LaB – Magic Moments

A poetic film that shows how people transform at conscious music festivals. Collaborating with Do LaB, Infinit created Magic Moments as a way to show the world the beautiful nuanced moments that can happen at a festival. Festivals are not just for music; they are for sharing experiences with friends, for learning new things, for […]

Lucidity Festival – Crossroads to Eudiamonia

From the cultural depths of Santa Barbara, Lucidity hired Infinit to make a video different than the typical after movie that music festivals produce. Having a deep affinity for this festival, Infinit took the liberty of writing an original narrative poem, based on their 6-chapter saga, to deliver a powerful message that aligned perfectly with […]