Pantheon for Agencies

Infinit worked with Pantheon to explain their Agency platform’s value add and better educate customers. We brought Pantheon’s static website to life via motion graphics to explain a complex technology in a simple, user-friendly way.

Pantheon One

When Pantheon launched their new all-in-one website management Dashboard, they reached out to Infinit to show customers how their product works, both in the literal sense and in the big picture of how client websites are structured. Infographic animations is just one of Infinit’s many specialties.

Salesforce – Tech Operations

Salesforce came to us to make a video that highlights the three main technologies that their operations team was developing. This video seamlessly combines actual Salesforce managers with visual effects highlighting each technology in development. This video went on a nation tour with the technology sales team as they presented it in all of their […]

Salesforce – Travel and Expense

This video explains Salesforce’s company expense program, providing employees with the money, tools and support to accomplish their global operations while “spending like it’s theirs.”

Salesforce – V2MOM 101

V2MOM represents Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff’s key steps to accomplishing and executing goals: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. Infinit worked with Salesforce to bring these steps, that built one of the world’s most innovative companies, to life.

Salesforce – Trust

This video shows how Salesforce’s brand reputation and customer loyalty depend on the security of their customers’ data.

Salesforce – Shareholder & Employee Stock Program

Infinit worked with Salesforce to describe their competitive stock program for new and current employees, using motion graphics to bring hire grants and equity refresh grants to life in a novel and compelling way. For instance, Infinit animated an 8-bit video game system and a rocket ship to show vesting of an employee stock purchase […]

Salesforce – Dream Job Navigator

This video utilizes motion graphics to illustrate the Salesforce Dream Job Navigator, a tool that employees use to envision and craft their career.

Verizon – IAm Campaign

Infinit worked with the TW&Co agency to create an infographic for Verizon’s IAm campaign, one of the top four most successful non-profit campaigns on YouTube. For this video we designed 2D motion graphic animation to prove the success of the campaign.