Lucidity Festival

Crossroads to Eudaimonia

VideoShort Film

From the cultural depths of Santa Barbara, Lucidity hired Infinit to make a video different than the typical after movie that music festivals produce. Having a deep affinity for this festival, Infinit took the liberty of writing an original narrative poem, based on their 6-chapter saga, to deliver a powerful message that aligned perfectly with the ethos of both the festival and the people that it aims to inspire and educate.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Infinit Studios on the short poetic film they wrote, directed, and produced, “The Crossroads to Eudaimonia”, about the Lucidity Festival storyline. As the Marketing Director of Lucidity Festival, I engage with many media producers, artists, and visionaries on a daily basis and the Infinit team’s enthusiasm, creativity, commitment to quality, and professionalism make my experience with them and their craft rise to the top of the pile. Within the context of Festival Media Production and Storytelling, Infinit’s work is the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, beautifully weaving Form into TransFORMation!
Jonah Gabriel Haas
Lucidity Festival Marketing Director and Co-Founder

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