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Do LaB – Magic Moments

A poetic film that shows how people transform at conscious music festivals. Collaborating with Do LaB, Infinit created Magic Moments as a way to show the world the beautiful nuanced moments that can happen at a festival. Festivals are not just for music; they are for sharing experiences with friends, for learning new things, for […]


A self-aware ad about blocking ads. Created to target millennials and instagram users using diverse characters and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Salesforce – V2MOM 101

V2MOM represents Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff’s key steps to accomplishing and executing goals: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. Infinit worked with Salesforce to bring these steps, that built one of the world’s most innovative companies, to life.

Lucidity Festival – Crossroads to Eudiamonia

From the cultural depths of Santa Barbara, Lucidity hired Infinit to make a video different than the typical after movie that music festivals produce. Having a deep affinity for this festival, Infinit took the liberty of writing an original narrative poem, based on their 6-chapter saga, to deliver a powerful message that aligned perfectly with […]

Pantheon – Drupal – We Make The Internet

Web hosting company Pantheon plays a major role in the Drupal web programming community so they came to Infinit to leverage the opportunity of their platinum sponsorship at the annual Drupal Conference.


Traveling can happen in an instant, so we created a story in which our character does exactly that. This commercial features green screening with seamless wardrobe changes in a complex match turn edit in the end.

Pantheon – DrupalCon Client Interviews

Web hosting company Pantheon plays a major role in the Drupal web programming community so they came to Infinit to leverage the opportunity of their platinum sponsorship at the annual Drupal Conference.

Salesforce – SF Pride Parade

Infinit filmed Salesforce employees at the SF Pride Parade to show their festive spirits and open culture.

Atria Property

Infinit worked with Atria properties to show corporate tenants the new development in Louisville, KY. Shot with a DJI Inspire 1 with the Trent Siggard for the Drone Dudes.

Pantheon – #DrupalCan

Web hosting company Pantheon plays a major role in the Drupal web programming community so they came to Infinit to leverage the opportunity of their platinum sponsorship at the annual Drupal Conference.

Verizon – IAm Campaign

Infinit worked with the TW&Co agency to create an infographic for Verizon’s IAm campaign, one of the top four most successful non-profit campaigns on YouTube. For this video we designed 2D motion graphic animation to prove the success of the campaign.

Salesforce – Travel and Expense

This video explains Salesforce’s company expense program, providing employees with the money, tools and support to accomplish their global operations while “spending like it’s theirs.”

Do LaB – When I Grow Up

An original film about growing up, living your dreams and always remaining a child. This film begins with a two year old speaking scripted dialogue and ends with a 70 year old, as each person gets older with age. Shot on location at the Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival this film/poem was written […]

Salesforce – Tech Operations

Salesforce came to us to make a video that highlights the three main technologies that their operations team was developing. This video seamlessly combines actual Salesforce managers with visual effects highlighting each technology in development. This video went on a nation tour with the technology sales team as they presented it in all of their […]

Salesforce – Dream Job Navigator

This video utilizes motion graphics to illustrate the Salesforce Dream Job Navigator, a tool that employees use to envision and craft their career.

Wrap Media

Infinit produced this video for Wrap Media to showcase the capabilities of their all-mobile platform. This was a rare case in which the client chose to shoot the app content practical with a green screen instead of creating the whole thing in a VFX world. The result was a nice demo of their product, just in […]

Helipad Tattoo Session

Because why not get a tattoo on the top of a 35 story helipad?

Pantheon One

When Pantheon launched their new all-in-one website management Dashboard, they reached out to Infinit to show customers how their product works, both in the literal sense and in the big picture of how client websites are structured. Infographic animations is just one of Infinit’s many specialties.


It’s not a spaceship. It’s a camping tent. Shiftpods is one of the more popular portable architectures among the Burning Man and travel communities. The company approached Infinit to show its durability, portability, and ease of use.

Do LaB – The Faces of Lightning in a Bottle

“Hi there, May I take a five second video of your face?” Inspired by the glowing people of the Lighting in a Bottle festival, we collaborated with The Do Lab to show just how nifty the attendees of this festival are. The song is by Rachel Platten, who was unknown at the time that we […]

Salesforce – Shareholder & Employee Stock Program

Infinit worked with Salesforce to describe their competitive stock program for new and current employees, using motion graphics to bring hire grants and equity refresh grants to life in a novel and compelling way. For instance, Infinit animated an 8-bit video game system and a rocket ship to show vesting of an employee stock purchase […]

Advance Australia

Advance approached Infinit with the need to make a video that showcases their brand revamp. Together they worked to develop two different stories, one that focuses on relaying the main message to Advance your life, the other, a set of testimonials.

Andrew Knapp – Go Find Momo

Andrew Knapp is a top Instagram influencer with over 582k followers. He has a very cute dog named Momo. Together, they travel the nation playing hide and seek interactively on Andrew’s Instagram. Can you #findmomo in each of Andrews photos? Follow his tour to see if a red envelope is coming to your town. Infinit […]

Interscope – Mary J. Blige

Infinit created this behind the scenes video for Interscope as Mary J. Blige re-recorded an updated version of her most famous album in the Jim Henson Sound Studio. The result was a delightful look into the elements that go into a live instrument recording session.

Salesforce – Dream Job

Salesforce came to Infinit to create something magical and inspiring in order to attract new and top talent into their workforce. Our team spent two days speaking with employees in the Salesforce offices, deep diving into their company culture. We then wrote an original, rhyming narrative script with a fun and whimsical tone to show […]

Salesforce – Dream Job Confessions

No script. No direction. No do-overs. Just…Real people. Real moments. Real talk about what it’s like to work at Salesforce.


Novadontics hired Infinit to produce their first ever TV commercials across the US. Novadontics provides state of the art dental implant procedures and training across the world.

Salesforce – #FutureForce

The Salesforce #FutureForce program allows college grads and interns to innovate and solve problems alongside employees at the company. Infinit shot this video as an informal, fun, and authentic interview process to show a more human side to working at Salesforce.

Pantheon for Agencies

Infinit worked with Pantheon to explain their Agency platform’s value add and better educate customers. We brought Pantheon’s static website to life via motion graphics to explain a complex technology in a simple, user-friendly way.

Mitchell Evan Collection 2

Celebrating the launch of his nouveaux military menswear collection, Mitchell Evan tells the story of a brand inspired by his grandfather’s service in WWII Normandy, 1944.

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