Client Spotlight

Pantheon partnered with Infinit to create explainer videos for their web development hosting platform. These videos combined animated big-picture concepts with simplified user flows of their software to deliver an engaging and informational story.  We also integrated various live-action cultural videos to help position them as contributing thought-leaders of their community. 

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Client Testimonials

  • “Infinit Studios are total professionals and were an absolute pleasure to work with. They take their work personally and it shows in their work product. From script writing, to filming, editing, and producing they worked seamlessly with our team and continually found opportunity to improve upon our initial ideas. We blew away our viewership goals for our community video for Drupal: it legitimately went ‘viral’ as it was picked up and shared in our community. It was just that good.”

    Zachary Rosen
  • “Working with Infinit Studios on video projects has always been a delightful and electric creative process, with impeccable quality results. Whether it’s working out narrative details on the fly, capturing the sparkle in the eye of an elusive interview participant, or nailing the precise timing with sound and motion graphics in post-production, Infinit has always delivered the goods with style. 10/10 would collaborate again.”

    Josh Koenig
    Co-Founder, Head of Product
  • “The high quality and speed of development of Infinit’s work exceeded my expectations. Ted and his team worked with me to create a beautiful story and was as engaged as I needed, including handling the script, voiceover, visuals, and storyline. All I had to do was give some input and they ran with it. Most company videos are obsolete within a year, but Pantheon is still using this video well over a year later due to the high quality content. It was a pleasure working with Infinit!”

    Linda Watkins
    Senior Marketing Manager
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Pantheon Animations

Given that technology is constantly changing, it’s important to create timeless videos that show simplified versions of how a product works in order to speak to the average viewer and avoid the need to constantly update the videos. These are examples of how we explain a technology without getting trapped in version control. This way we don’t just do a verbatim screenflow demo, but a thoughtfully produced high-level motion graphic video that clients can use for years, not months.  

Video Screenshots

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Community Web Commercials

We shot these commercials at the DrupalCon events in Portland and Austin to both show our support for the Drupal communities and brands as well as show the power of what Drupal can do. As a result from the #drupalcan campaign hundreds of startups and brands used the hashtag across twitter. 

Video Screenshots