ClientHAVN (startup)
TypeWeb Promo
The Project
The Production

Fads hired Infinit to create a script that would target millennials and instagram users. In the creative meetings we decided that we weren’t afraid to use the f-word and really push the bar of our characters and concept, so we cast a diverse range of characters, some of which were instagram influencers. Then we took the script to a meta level and had the camera pull out of its own commercial to be self-aware that it was an ad about ads.

This commercial was actually shot in two versions, one being green screen and the other being practical (in our office). It was fully scripted but we leaved space for ad-libing. We actually shot it with two different blonds for the opening, one an actress, the other an instagram celebrity. This was to play it safe in case the instagram celebrity wasn’t a good actress, or we wanted a different energy. Both ended up being excellent but the insta girl seemed a bit more natural. Go figure!

The results ended up on a homepage post and great traction with 100k+ views.